"Philoxenia" - The Greek Hospitality

"Philoxenia" - The Greek Hospitality

Hellenic society is characterized by hospitality and tourism. The Greeks are used to receiving nationalities from all parts of the world and it makes them proud when visitors are interested in their country and people.

The word "Philoxenia" means "love of foreigners" and it is deeply rooted in the Hellenic culture. One encounters this phenomenon almost everywhere.

A perfect example is a stranger asking a Greek for directions to a beautiful beach. The typical citizen will not only answer the question. He or she would likely drive the visitor to the beach himself.

Another example, which, by the way, comes from a promotional commercial spot for Crete Island: A family admires beautiful orange trees at the roadside. The farmer notices this and is happy about the compliment. Without further ado, he invites the foreign family to a private meal and drinks. After the visit, he gives them a generous bag full of oranges.

In short - this is Greek Hospitality - or "Philoxenia"!


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