Pigeons of Syntagma Square

Pigeons of Syntagma Square

The iconic pigeons of Syntagma Square have been there since its construction. Visitors will find the majority of the sociable birds in the open space in front of the Monument of the Unknown Soldier.

The pigeons of Syntagma Square are as much a historical part of the famous square as the fountain, the statues, the benches, and the trees.

A person can buy seeds and enjoy feeding them right then and there. When you begin to feed the pigeons, you will find yourself at the center of their attention. They will sit on your hands, shoulders, on your back, and even on your head as they are used to being in the company of people.

The pigeons will clean the street of anything palatable that is dropped and they will "inspect" your cafe table for any edibles when you leave. Some kiosk owners put containers with water at the base of trees, for the thirsty pigeons.

At this point your tour around the historical center of Athens is complete and you can now rest assured you will leave Athens feeling you have enjoyed a fully rounded experience.