Piraeus Tower

Piraeus Tower

Piraeus Tower is located on Akti Poseidonos, Dimosthenous, Tsamadou, Ippokratous, Makra Stoa and Anonymou Streets. It is a building with a height of 84 meters and 22 floors, constructed on a plot of 384,030 m² in total.

Known as the Sleeping Giant - the so-called Piraeus Tower - is the tallest structure in Piraeus and the second tallest building in Athens and Greece after the Athens Tower. It was created as a commercial-maritime center of Piraeus with the prospect of being the rival awe of the Tower of Athens, on the other, symbolizing the development of Piraeus.

The construction of the building began in 1972 under the leadership of the architects Vikela, Molfesis, Loizos, and the civil engineer Economou - completed in 1975. In 1983, the exterior surfaces of the erection were covered with glass and metal plates, which gave it the form it has today that makes the visitor to Piraeus believe that the tower is functioning at full capacity. This has nothing to do with reality because the building has used only the ground floor and the first 2 floors for commercial use, school accommodation, and public services. This is why the Tower of Piraeus is known - as we mentioned above - as a Sleeping Giant.

Since 2001, following a call for tender from the Municipality of Piraeus, the building is owned by the Municipality except for a 334.80 m² ground floor, which belongs to the Deposits and Loans Fund with a share of 42 per 1,000.

Now, if you want to capture the beauty of the building in a photo, we suggest that the best spot is located just opposite the structure, crossing the boulevard at Miaouli Coast.