Port of Piraeus

Port of Piraeus

Piraeus is the busiest port of Europe, since it serves almost 17,6 million passengers in 2013. Daily, tens of ships set sail from there for the Aegean islands and abroad.

The portʼs installations serve the high volume traffic on regular basis, but mainly during peak hours – that is, during the summer months. Since 1930, O.L.P. (Piraeus Port Authority) is in charge of the organization and operation of the Port and its offices are located on Miaouli Coast.

The Passenger Service Port of Piraeus is separated into gates, marked by the letter "E" and the numbers 1-10, to assist the passengers better. Facing the Saronic Gulf, the seaside streets that surround the port are (clockwise) the Coasts Vasiliadi, Ietionia, Kondyli, Kallimasioti, Poseidonos and Miaouli.

Located in the cove that is formed at the center of the port is Tzelepi Coast. There, many urban buses have their starting points, included the express urban bus E97 going to the Athens International Airport El. Venizelos. Direct access by foot to the actual port is by going through gate E8.

If you travel to the port by train, you will arrive at Kondyli Coast. If you go by Athens Metro, you will arrive at Kallimasioti Coast. If you go by car, you will reach the port on Poseidonos Coast.