Poseidon Half Marathon

Poseidon Half Marathon

For the past decade, the Poseidon Half Marathon has been conducted at the Faliro bay, on a dream path that is part of the coastal Poseidonos Avenue. The race is held under the auspices of the Municipality of Palaio Faliro, the Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT) and the Hellenic Diabetes Society.

Poseidon Half Marathon aims to raise public awareness regarding diabetes and obesity, both in terms of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as issues of the orientation of citizens to daily exercise and athletics.

In the program, besides the main course of the Half Marathon of 21,1 km - which passes the Flisvos Marina, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the Water Square (Plateia Nerou), and the Peace and Friendship Stadium - the same course follows the race of the Half Marathon Relay, where 2 runners share the distance. At the same time on the route also takes place the Fourth (¼) Half Marathon Race with a distance of 11,1 km. For those who want to travel fewer kilometers, they can run at the 5.8 km Fun Race (Fun Run), while for an even more relaxed pace there is the Race of Dynamic Walking. Of course, there is also the Chiquita Race, which is for children up to 12 years of age, with a distance of 1000 m. Moreover, we must not forget the Social Promotion Race, which is aimed at strengthening the ALMA club, which helps and protects children with mental deprivation and autism.

Simultaneously, next to the racing track of the Poseidon Half Marathon, there is also a set of cultural and social events. Specifically, the Pan-Hellenic Painting Competition, the Ecological Action "ECO Environment, Attitude of Life!", as well as musical overtones throughout the games via ensembles and individual artists that give the whole event a special aura. We applaud the volunteer group "SOCIETY", through which a very large group of citizens offer their services and their support to those in need.

The Poseidon Half Marathon is an organization that deserves and must continue its course in time because it offers not only the joy of sports but also the opportunity to learn about health-related issues, while at the same time promoting the culture of a people.

The Poseidon Half Marathon is usually held in late April.

Free access to the watch race and for participation in the games, there is a symbolic fee of around € 4 to 5.

Starting Point and Terminal is at Cultural and Sports Center of Palaio Faliro.