Poseidon was the God of the Sea and protector of all aquatic creatures. He was the brother of Zeus and Pluto. It has been said that when Cronus was overthrown, Poseidon himself became the lord of the sea.

The latter was the God of seamen and married with Amphitrite, grand daughter of the Titan Oceanus. The myth says that Poseidon created the first horse to impress Goddess Demeter.

He wanted so badly to be in a loving relationship with her the he attempted to fashion the most beautiful animal that the world had ever seen! In his quest to be with goddess Demeter, Poseidon also created a variety of other living things. In the meantime, his passion for Demeter diminished.


Poseidon was always found with a trident in his hand. Stories say that he was able to make the world shake, to cause earthquakes and to shatter any object with the use of this object.

Among the Olympian Gods, Poseidon was the second most powerful of them all. He was what mythology described as a greedy God. Always in dispute with other Greek Gods and a constant threat to every God in possession of a city