The Psara (a greek island) - once also called Psyra - has possibly named the area of Psiri. Although, according to another version, the name is derived by a caustic title that the citizens of other areas gave to the area's inhabitants - "psirides", meaning the second-rate people leaving there.

One could say that the area of Psiri is the other "Soho" of Athens (the other being the multifaceted area of Gazi), yet simultaneously manages to maintain its Greek character. In Psiri you will find a unique collection of colors and impressions, with many beautiful neoclassical buildings, restaurants, snack bars and taverns. Also, there are theaters, open-air cinemas and art galleries that are restored under both official and private care. The restoration, that started a few years ago, resulted in the upgrading of the area and the blossoming of recreational and night life entertainment.

Furthermore, the Iroon Square (Heroes Square) is practically the center of Psiri and meets at several corners the streets Aristofanous Street, Aischylou Street, Agion Anargiron Street, Karaiskaki and Miaouli Street. Around the areaʼs narrow streets there are intriguing taverns with live music and a warm atmosphere, fun and frolic… the epitome of the Greek philosophy of entertainment.


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