Resistance in the years of Dictatorship

Resistance in the years of Dictatorship

During the dictatorship, the Greek citizens resisted and were organized into various bodies, such as the Patriotic Anti-dictatorship Front (PAM), the Union of National Salvation, the Democratic Defense, and the PanHellenic Liberation Movement.

August 13, 1968 
Alexander Panagoulis, the leader of the Resistance Team, attempts to assassinate Georgios Papadopoulos. The dictator escapes while Panagoulis was sentenced to death but he was never executed due to the fear of common foreign outcry.

November 1, 1968
During the funeral of former Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou, the sad crowds shout out slogans such as "Down with the Junta" and "Today is the day you will die".

September 19, 1970
The student Kostas Georgakis sets himself on fire in the Square of Genova as a way of reacting against the Greek Junta.


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The Dictatorial Government
Resistance in the years of Dictatorship
Rebellion in Athens 1973
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