Rock Climbing around Athens

Rock Climbing around Athens

Athens is one of the few capitals in the world with such a great number of climbing routes mainly due to the morphology of the city which is rich in terms of hills and rock formations. The variety of options includes limestone, marble quarries, seaside crags and tufa caves with varying degrees of difficulty suitable for beginners to advanced athletes.

The mountains of Parnitha, Ymittos and Penteli are situated in less than an hour's drive from downtown and provide more than 2,000 climbing routes with different climbing experiences. In the center of Athens, the hills of Philopapou, Lycabettus, and Tourkovounia, apart from the fantastic views to the city, provide horizontal and vertical routes for climbing. In the vicinity of Lavrio, the Gulch of Chaos with its steep cliffs of 70 meters height is a challenging surface at a unique location with multiple geological, historical, and cultural interests.

The mental and physical challenge of sports climbing has always been popular among Greeks, hence the large number of mountaineering clubs that operate in every municipality and take advantage of the sport all year round, as the mild climate in Athens is ideal for climbing especially from spring till autumn.

One of the best climbing destinations in the world is the island of Kalymnos of the Dodecanese Island complex, with visits from more than 10,000 climbers per year. Some of the most impressive and frequented climbing sites in Greece can also be found in Meteora (a UNESCO World Heritage site) in central Greece; the island of Crete; Epirus; Thrace; and the Peloponnese. Athens, with diverse climbing opportunities and multi-pitch routes, can easily equal Kalymnos and its popularity but remains one of the best-kept secrets in European sports climbing.


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