Rockwave Festival

Rockwave Festival

The Rockwave Festival began its journey in 1996. It was born from the absolute need for the existence of a mainstream pop-rock festival in Greece. The festival does not take place directly in Athens, but in the 40 km northern Malakassa.

From its commencement through present-time the "Rockwave Festival" can brag about its success and the goals that have been accomplished. Because besides being the most established festival in Greece, it is simultaneously a complete festival of Eastern Europe.

It is a member of YOUROPE, an official EU organization of the biggest music festival meeting the most rigorous criterions as well as a member of ETER, an EU society that promotes all different kinds of artists and bands inside the EU country-members.

Also, being on the map of the biggest music festivals around the world, Rockwave annually welcomes the most well known music bands and artists of the world music industry. More than 200 International and Greek artists have written history in Rockwave Festival... so far.

The Rockwave Festival takes place on July.

You can buy tickets for the Rockwave Festival at or

The Rockwave Festival will take place on Terra Vibe Park in Malakassa.


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