Salamina Island

Salamina Island

Salamina is the largest island in the Saronic Gulf. Nearby to Athens is this island a ideal destination for fun and relaxation. A beautiful island, surrounded by modern coffee shops and traditional restaurants, beaches and plentiful historical and religious sights.

The island was named "Salamina" by King Kychreas, as a tribute to his mother, Salamina, Aegina’s sister, and one of the 50 daughters of the River God, Asopus. The Battle of Salamis was a naval battle between the Greeks and the Empire of Persia in 480 B.C., in the straits οf Salamis and the mainland of Athens. Salamis is the homeland of mythological King Aias and one of the greatest tragic Greek poets, Euripides.

You may want to visit the island in order to break out of the hustle and bustle of Athens. Every 15 minutes a boat is departing from Perama or a ferry (24hours a day / (route 15  minutes) to the Port of Salamina (Paloukia) and vice versa. From Piraeus Port boats are  departing daily (route 40 minutes) and from Faneromeni area to Nea Peramos every 30 minutes (route 3 minutes).


The most well known landmarks – villages in Salamina are: Paloukia (port), Salamis, Ampelakia, Faneromeni, Aianteio, Selinio. There are many options to enjoy a wonderful swim at the beaches: Banio, Kanakia, Aias Club, Resti, Nato, Peristeria, Saterli, Aianteio, Mpatsi, KakiVigla, Selinia, Coast Karaiskaki, Kolones, Pyrgiakoni, Lamprano, Kiriza, Lymniona, Yala, Psili Ammos, Steno faneromeni, Iliakti, Agios Georgios Beach and Vasilika. But also there are organized Municipal Beaches to visit, such as "Zephyros" in Aianteio and "Spithari" in Resti.


Salamina Island
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