Schinias National Park

Schinias National Park

The National Park of Schinias was declared in 2003 part of the Natura 2000 network, with the intention to preserve the most important coastal ecosystem of Attica. It is situated northeast of Attica, 40km from the center of Athens and covers an area of 13,840 acres.

The wetland of the park is home to unique flora and fauna, with a large number of migratory birds finding refuge there during the migration seasons. Over 200 bird species have been recorded in the park as well as a large number of reptiles, amphibians and fish live and reproduce there. Apart from the wetland, the park consists of 6 ecosystems that are the coastal Koukounaria pine forest, the ancient Makaria freshwater spring, the Drakonera hill, the Kynosoura peninsula, the Marathon bay, and the Stomi lake.

The archaeological site and museum of Marathon is within walking distance from the park and boasts great historical significance due to the battle of Marathon that took place in the area during 490 B.C. Schinias beach is a beautiful sandy shore, with pine trees at the north side, ideal for swimming and water sports activities - especially windsurfing.

The National Park includes the Olympic Rowing Center, which is the rowing and canoeing venue of the 2004 Olympic Games, with a spectator capacity of 14,000 seats and offers hotel facilities, restaurant and fitness rooms.


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