Shopping in Exarcheia

Shopping in Exarcheia

In Exarcheia there is little of the hectic pace that usually prevails in the central shopping areas. Here, you will find many small, family-run shops with motivated sales staff who will sometimes take half an hour to deliver personal and professional customer service.

Traditionally many publishing houses have settled in the Exarcheia district. There is a high density of bookstores with a broad variety of specialties. Besides shops offering paper and office supplies there there were plenty of bookbinding workshops in Mavromichali Street. Some of them still exist today.

Furthermore, numerous second-hand shops characterize the image of the district. Lovers of retro items and clothes will find things to tickle their taste buds here. Or, if you are lucky, you may find a little treasure in one of the numerous vinyl shops in Exarcheia.


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Shopping in Exarcheia
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