"Siga Siga" - The Greek way of life

"Siga Siga" - The Greek way of life

Siga - Siga (def. "Slowly, slowly"). In today's stressful times, there is less and less of this. After all, hectic is an integral part of our lives. This is especially true in the big cities. But actually, there is still the thought of the "Greek way of life", which is firmly anchored in the minds of the Greeks.

Especially in the summer months, this instinct activates the winddown mode. Of course, the extreme temperatures that automatically slow people down are also helpful. In the summer one can observe in Greece in almost all daily procedures, it is an authorized course to be more leisurely. Moreover, many a craftsman appointment is often postponed. Often you can only reach the tax advisor by phone on the beach in the afternoon.

If you leave the city and go to more rural areas, this becomes even more noticeable. And as soon as you enter an island the "Siga-Siga" experience is perfect. Here it is a rule, we hectic people are taught a better way. And the more remote the island is, the slower the rhythm so that you almost think you have made a time travel to the good old 1960s of Alexis Zorbas.


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"Siga Siga" - The Greek way of life

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