Sightseeing in Gazi / Kerameikos

Sightseeing in Gazi / Kerameikos

Gazi is full of old, traditional buildings with courtyards that have been transformed into atmospheric bars and cafes, gourmet restaurants or taverns and snack bars. Many artists choose the quarter as an exhibiting space for their creations, or for living, hence the modern apartment blocks that coexist alongside the small houses and old warehouses.

Most notable is on the H.L.P.A.P. structure where the pedestrianized section of Ermou Street meets Pireos Avenue at the start of the Gazi area. This is the building that houses the city trolleybuses and the graffiti was painted by a group of well-known international artists. It has not been kept up and could use some restoration but is still highly impressive for its size, design, and colors.

Lastly, Gazi is not only all about nightlife, partying, and artists. Trendy shops of clothes and accessories but also provocative hairdressers work until late at night, giving a special color and vibrancy to the neighborhood.


Sightseeing in Gazi
Technopolis - Industrial Gas Museum
Eating & drinking in Gazi
Nightlife in Gazi

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