Sightseeing in Pagrati & Mets

Sightseeing in Pagrati & Mets

The most famous monument in Pagrati and Mets is the Kallimarmaro Stadium. The ancient stadium is made entirely of marble and, in 1896, was the venue of the first modern Olympic Games. The park behind the stadium invites you to linger and jog.

Pagrati is also home to the Goulandris Contemporary Art Museum, which only opened in 2019. In an impressive building there is a selection of art objects and paintings by very famous artists.

The Mets district is known not only for its breathtaking view of the Acropolis Hill, but also for the First Cemetery of Athens, which is considered a work of art in itself. It is not discouraged and even recommended to take a walk through the cemetery park and have a look at the impressive memorial tombs of the historical personalities of Greece.


Pagrati & Mets
Sightseeing in Pagrati & Mets
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