Sightseeing on Voukourestiou Street

Sightseeing on Voukourestiou Street

A walk along Voukourestiou Street is an exciting experience with noble boutiques of the most famous designers and stunning neoclassical buildings.

At the junction of Eleftherios Venizelos Street (Panepistimiou) and Voukourestiou Streets, the most historic café-patisserie in Athens, Café Athénée (in the past "Zonar's"), is located. It was renovated preserving both its former glory and its worldly personality.

The Numismatic Museum is very close, housed in a monumental 19th Century building and residence of Heinrich Schliemann (Ilion Melathron). The café of the Numismatic Museum is in the courtyard garden of Iliou Melathron and constitutes a small green source of oxygen and rest in the center of Athens.

For your financial transactions, you will find the branches of several banks on Voukourestiou Street. If you wish to go to the theater in this area, there is the Pallas Theater in the City Link (the old building of the Army Pension Fund). In the same area is the Athenon theater, built between the years 1930-1933, based on the architectural plans of Vasilios Tsagris (1882-1941), with influences from Art Nouveau and the Viennese school of Otto Wagner.


Voukourestiou Street
Sightseeing on Voukourestiou Street
Shopping on Voukourestiou Street

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