Solon was one of the seven sages of Ancient Greece and an eminent politician and lawmaker of Ancient Athens. He was born in 640 B.C. and died in 560 B.C. His most important achievement was his political and legislative reforms of 594/593 B.C.

The most significant of his reforms was "Seisachtheia" and the separation of citizens into four political classes: a) Pentacosiomedimni; b) Hippeis; c) Zeugitai and; d) Thetes depending upon their economic power. This classification had an effect on the determination of political rights as well. Furthermore, emergency taxes that were named "contributions" were also created. Private and penal law were revised, putting more emphasis on the protection of a citizens honor.

In general, we could say that the laws of Solon attempted to bring about a compromise and peace between the disputes of nobility with the farming population without very satisfactory results. His efforts did, however, result in a very serious step towards the establishment of democracy.

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