Sophocles was born in 497/496 B.C. and died in 406 B.C. He was another one of the great tragic poets of Ancient times, having written approximately 127 tragedies - of which only 7 have been wholly preserved.

He introduced important innovations to tragedies such as the additional number of actors from 2 to 3, bringing more members into the chorus from 12 to 15, moving the interest onto the dialogue and the introduction of skenographia, (scenery-painting).

He was an excellent master of language and very effective at preparing the audience to accepting the tragic side of his hero.

His plots were concluded very dramatically, but at the same time, with impressive imagery. The works that have been saved are as follows: "Ajax", "Antigone", "Electra", "The Trachiniae", "Philoctetes", "Oedipus the King" and "Oedipus at Colonus".

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