Stathatos Mansion

Stathatos Mansion

The Stathatos Mansion is located on Vassilissis Sofias Avenue at the intersection with Herodotus Street. Built in 1895 as the residence of Otto and Athinas Stathatos, it is the work of the German architect and painter Ernst Ziller and one of the most characteristic neoclassical buildings of Athens.

The "Lateness" mansion - as it is called - stands out for its unique personality and combines elements of ancient Greek and Roman patterns.

The Stathatos Mansion consists of 2 buildings: the corner structure, which was the residence of the Stathatos couple - with a basement, ground floor & 2 floors; and the auxiliary building on the side of Herodotou Street, where were the staff accommodations, the stable and the space for the cars were positioned. Of particular interest is the entrance, which is also the most characteristic of the mansion, as it is highly imposing and elaborate. It was based on an intelligent idea of Ernst Ziller who wanted to fit the building smoothly with the geometry of the avenue, which at this point forms a corner. Thus, the entrance (with a circular outer side) is a pioneering architectural element in the space that is seemingly difficult to find in other buildings. It has an imposing marble staircase that leads to the front door between four columns. Dominating in the background is the central balcony door with a roof framed by 2 statues (one of the goddess Athena and one of the goddess of fortune). On the ground floor were the lounges and the dining room with the elaborate fireplaces, while the upper floors hosted the bedrooms. Everywhere there are plasterworks that decorate the ceilings as well as wallpapers of silk fabrics for the walls painted in soft shades.

The Stathatos family utilized the mansion as a residence until 1938. The building then housed the Bulgarian Embassy, while in 1945 it was commissioned by the British to function as an officer’s club, to be subsequently rented to the Canadian Embassy until 1970. Then, for 4 years it became the Libyan Embassy. In 1982, the mansion was bought by the Public Real Estate Company in order to construct a dwelling where the Heads of Foreign States visiting Athens would stay. Architect Pavlos M. Kalligas has taken over from the Real Estate Company and the Ministry of Culture to make the necessary repairs and reforms to ensure durability and security. Despite these efforts - after the completion of the works - the building was not considered suitable as it did not meet all of the safety preconditions. Therefore, it remained closed for a short time to later house the Hellenic Prime Minister's counseling offices.

Since 1991, the mansion was assigned to the neighboring Museum of Cycladic Art building as a new wing with its connection made through a specially shaped glass corridor. The museum mainly deals with the accommodation of objects and the promotion of the ancient civilizations of the Cyclades and Cyprus, with an extraordinary collection of Cycladic figurines donated by Catherine and Nicholas Goulandris.

Also operating on the premises is the Cafe & Restaurant of Cycladic Art Museum, a special area of artistic taste and harmony. The architect, Stelios Kois, with an airy, imposing roof-top creates beautiful shades, while the natural light of the room is enhanced by artificial lighting in such a way that the high aesthetics fit with relaxation and functionality. It is important to note that there are the many species of plants and life in its gardens - such as ferns, lizards, asparagus - giving the whole environment a touch of freshness and rejuvenation.

Moreover, the visitor of the cafe - in this pleasant environment, away from the bustling traffic of Athens - can enjoy meals ranging from breakfast, brunch, coffee to lunch. Products of "Cycladic land", flavors, smells, pure ingredients and fresh raw materials are combined in a gastronomic feast. Festive omelets with free-range eggs, delicious crispy vegetable tarts, Aegean Sea bass marinated with sea salt and herbs, Greek salads, souvlaki, handmade pasta as well as the "Cycladic Café" trademark, grilled fillet of cod, are some of the delights you can enjoy. Do not forget the list of wonderful wines from small producers, to combine with your meal, while the whole gastronomic experience reaches its peak with the delicious sweets suggested by the trained staff. Do not forget that your entrance to "Cycladic Cafe" does not require a museum ticket.

Furthermore, if you want to capture the beauty of the building in a photo, we suggest that the best spot is located right across the Stathatos Mansion, where you can "lock in" all the beauty and ingenuity of the entrance, which Ziller made with so much "mastery".