Strefi Hill

Strefi Hill

Strefi Hill (known as "Achesmos") is a small hill included in the City quarters of Exarcheia and of Neapoli - directly opposite of Lycabettus Hill.

Since the 1840's until the 1920's, the hill was utilized as a quarry, and in 1926, it was planted for the first time - mostly consisting of pine trees.

In 1963, the prominent Strefis family donated the hill to the municipality of Athens, which gradually converted it into a park with steep stone pathways, an open stone theater, a playground with a statue of Zeus, a basketball field and a snack bar. Therefore, one can enjoy a variety of activities there such as picnics, trekking, concerts and sports.


To reach the green oasis of Strefi Hill, follow the inviting Kallidromiou Street full of neoclassic buildings and small, frequented urban cafes and bars (between Emm. Benaki and Deligianni Streets).

Recently, local residents and shop owners have undertaken to restore and rejuvenate the area. A few ouzo pubs, taverns and cafes have opened in the area around the hill, a popular spot for Athenians on warm summer nights.

Height of Strefi Hill: 150 m