Tax-Free Shopping (Global Blue) in Athens

Tax-Free Shopping (Global Blue) in Athens

Travelers residing in non-European Union countries are entitled to claim back the VAT / GST on purchases when they are brought home. So whilst shopping in many of the exciting tax free shops in Athens, you can save money and make your trip even more rewarding!

Simply follow the steps:

1) Shop where you see the Tax Free Shopping logo and simply ask for your Refund Check.

2) Show your purchases, receipts and passport at the border and then have your Global Refund Check stamped.

3) Collect your refund in cash at a nearby Cash Refund Office (the airport or certain borders listed on, or mail back the check to Global Blue for direct crediting of your credit card or a bank check sent to your address. The Currency Choice logo next to a credit card terminal means that here you can pay by credit card in your own national currency. The amount on the receipt is the sum that will be debited to your bank. Therefore, there will be no hidden fees and no unwanted surprises when you get back home.

Local information:
VAT: 24% (The lower VAT rate is valid on some islands)
Minimum spending: € 50
Export validation: 3 months from the issuing of the Check


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