The Erechtheio

The Erechtheio

Another jewel on Acropolis Hill is the Temple of Erechtheio with the world famous Karyatides. The Erechtheio was built as a replacement of the older temple of Athena that was destroyed by the Persians, around 420 B.C..

However, because the previous temple was very close to the Temple of Parthenon, it was decided that the Erechtheio would be erected to the north to avoid overshadowing by the main monument of the Acropolis, regardless of any difficulties that existed with the adjacent buildings and the tilt of the earth.

The temple is of Ionian order, exposed eastwards, a monumental propylaeo on the north and the known exposure with the Karyatides on the south. The main temple was divided in two parts where Athena and Poseidon-Erechtheas were worshiped.

Externally, an embossed frieze surrounded the building, that it probably depicted the birth of Erechtheas, the mythical king who was one of the founders of the city.


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