The Greek National Theater today

The Greek National Theater today

The National Theater finally became a legal entity governed by private lawʼ in 1994. Along with its new legal status, the National Theater has a new Director, Nikos Kourkoulos.

In 1995, The Childrenʼs Theater opened with Perrault's "Sleeping Beauty". In 1996, the National Theater received critical acclaim and commercial success on a tour of the USA with Sophocles' Electra. The Experimental Theater, the Empty Space, and the Actorsʼ Workshop were also founded.

In 1997, the Ancient Drama Touring Company took "Medea" by Euripides and "Electra" by Sophocles to many foreign cities. In 2000, the first Summer Theater Academy was organized in Monodendri, Epirus. Ιn addition to that, the National Theater becomes a member of the European Theater Convention, joining theaters from 23 European countries.

In 2006, the National Theater signed for the restoration of the Theater's equipment. In 2008, the new stage of the National Theater reoperated after 7 years under the name 'New Stage Nikos Kourkoulos' with the work of Bernard - Marie Koltes, Roberto Zucco.

On October 14th, 2009, the National Theater main stage opens its doors to the public for the work of Dimitris Papaioannou Pouthena.  Currently, there are over 5 theater plays going on daily on the mains stage "Nikos Kourkoulos" of the Greek National Theater as well as on the Children's stage of the National Theater.