The Greek "Philotimo"

The Greek "Philotimo"

It is a mysterious word that is untranslatable and thus stands for the Greek sense of honor - the word "philotimo". The ancient Greek philosopher Thales said: "Philotimo in the Greek way is like breathing. A Greek life is non-existent without Philotimo. Without Philotimo, it's better not to live."

Philotimo literally means "friend of honor". But it is much more than that. To a Greek, Philotimo is essentially a way of life. And it's entrenched, like inborn.

It is pride, dignity, courage, duty, sacrifice - even one's own life - and above all, it demands respect and deep personal freedom. It is the highest of all Greek virtues, the standards for family and social life; the core concept is that of respect and walking the right path.

The Greeks believe that thanks to the "Philotimo sentiment" at their disposal, many wars, and crises in the past could be overcome.


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