The Greeks and the work

The Greeks and the work

Of course, the Greeks also have to work to finance their daily life. But here the emphasis is on "must work". In Greek society, work is work and leisure is particularly important for Greeks. Incidentally, the word "work" in Greek is derived from the word for "slave".

Greeks work no fewer hours a week than other Europeans, as a recent Eurostat study showed. Greeks just play differently, are slightly less organized, and often lack strict instruction. In recent years, especially during the financial crisis, the Greek labor market has undergone major changes and has once again pushed down wages. There is a high unemployment rate and many Greeks are often forced to work 2 or more jobs.

However, there is one thing that many Greeks are similar to in one respect - leisureliness. But like all European southerners, the Greek cultivates calmness. Everything takes its time and frenzy and stress are not appreciated. Perhaps it is also this characteristic that is secretly envied by others.


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The Greeks and the work
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