The Latin Occupation (1204-1456)

The Latin Occupation (1204-1456)

With the occupation of the city by the Franks in the context of the 4th Crusade, the Duchy of Athens was created - organized according to western medieval standards.

The Frankish Period undergoes 3 distinct stages: the Burgundian Period, the Catalan Period, and the Florentine Period. The whole will last until the city is conquered by the Ottomans.

The primary Latin domination. The city's administration had been assigned to Dukes of Burgun-dy, whom often came into disputes with neighboring leaders regarding the extension of their dominion. The first Duke, Otto de la Roche, who occupied Athens for the sake of the Latin King of Thessalonica and against the agreement with the crusaders for the division of the land.

Catalan period. The conquest of the duchy of Athens by mercenaries by the Catalan Grand Com-pany, motivated by the non-payment of their salaries by the last Duke of Athens Gautier V de Brienne (Walter V of Brienne).

Florentine and Venetian period: The Lord of Corinth, Nerio Acciaioli, took over Athens in 1388. This was followed by the occupation by the Venetians of which the Orthodox reacted under the leadership of Metropolitan Bishop Macarios. The victor was the illegitimate son of Nerio Acciaioli, Antonio I Acciaioli, who established a small dynasty.

▶︎ Early Byzantine Period (324-565)
▶︎ Middle Byzantine Period (565-1081)
▶︎ Late Byzantine Period (1081-1204)
▶︎ The Latin Occupation (1204-1456)


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