The Mall Athens

The Mall Athens

Everybody in the northern suburbs meets there, either to go the movies, to eat or to drink coffee and of course go shopping. The Mall Athens is a modern and very large functional construction packed daily with people.

Nestled near the Olympic Stadium of Athens, The Mall Athens has become a landmark since its opening on 2005. This modern colossus spans a generous 58,500 square meters with an additional 90,000 square meters underground, housing around 200 commercial and entertainment outlets. The Mall Athens isn't just the largest shopping center in Athens; it's a bustling hub in the suburb of Maroussi, revered for its futuristic design that features an all-glass roof, allowing natural light to bathe its interiors.

A Melting Pot of Commerce and Entertainment

A visit to The Mall Athens is a foray into a world of variety. From the latest electronic gadgets, mobile phones, books, to fashion apparels and sports equipment, the array of goods available caters to every need and whim​. The top floor is an entertainment haven, hosting a food court with diverse culinary offerings, cafés, restaurants, and the Village Cinemas, making it a popular spot for teenagers and families alike​​.


An Experience Beyond Shopping

But The Mall Athens offers more than just shopping. It's a place to spend a day with its enormous food court, movie theaters, an arcade, and a bowling alley providing entertainment for all ages. It's not just a shopping destination; it's an experience that blends the thrill of retail with the joy of leisure and entertainment, making it a perfect venue for creating memories that go beyond the material.

In these chapters, The Mall Athens emerges as more than just a shopping center. It's a modern-day agora, a meeting place for people to shop, dine, relax, and enjoy the essence of Athens in a contemporary setting. Whether you're a local or a tourist, a visit to The Mall Athens is an experience that encapsulates the vibrancy of Athens life.