The Tram Network of Athens

The Tram Network of Athens

The Athens Tram network has three tram lines with a total of 48 stops. Syntagma Square, Faliro (S.E.F.) and Asklipio Voulas are the terminal stations of the Athens Tram.

The Athens tram network has a total length of 27 km and one tram reaches a speed of 70 km/h. The duration under normal conditions is:

Athens Tram Line: T3
Faliro (S.E.F.) - Asklipio Voulas
Total travel time between terminal stations: 41-45 minutes

Athens Tram Line: T4

Syntagma - Faliro S.E.F.
Total travel time between terminal stations: 44-51 minutes

Athens Tram Line: T5
Syntagma - Asklipio Voulas
Total travel time between terminal stations: 59-65 minutes

In 16 of those that passenger platforms are located in the center, in 30 of those the platforms are on the side while at S.E.F. and in Asklipio Voulas there are two central ones.

Each stop is equipped with seats and overhead covers for the waiting areas, a visual and speaker type of information system, ticket issuance and validation machines, housing for the electronic equipment, announcement boards with informative material (i.e. maps), a clock, waste disposal containers, lighting and closed circuit TV.

An electronic system for informing the passengers is installed which generates electronic announcements from the speakers in addition to digital screens which indicate the exact time of arrival of the tram, delays or changes in the routes as well as other information. There is also an emergency telephone which is used to communicate with the Control Center in the case of emergencies or when works are performed on the network.

A closed circuit TV system is installed at all stops and at most junction points in order to assure the safety of the passengers, to prevent ill mannered actions, to protect the equipment and to monitor the operation of the tram in the intersection areas with the normal automobile traffic.

The capacity is of 56 seated passengers, including special seating for the Physically Challenged and 200 standing passengers. There is heating, air conditioning both in the passenger area and in the operator cabin, all of which is set and controlled on a seasonal basis. Today there are 35 tram vehicles. The number of vehicles assigned to the various routes (Platonas, Aristotelis, Thukididis) vary according to the days, hours and seasons. The vehicles are equipped with a visual and announcement type system in order to inform the passengers, as well as with multimedia info / advertisement screens.