Western Suburbs of Athens

Western Suburbs of Athens

Considered the blue-collar district of Athens, these hard workers also play hard! The massive western suburbs of Athens combine a friendly environment with their special brand of uniqueness.

In the past, many of the western suburbs of Athens had a bad reputation. These were dismissed as working-class neighborhoods with lots of industrial areas. Nowadays, more and more Athenians appreciate the urban subculture that has developed there, with upcoming districts like Nikaia, Korydallos, Aigaleo, Peristeri and Bournazi. Trendy restaurants and extraordinary events characterize the cultural life here.

Aigaleo and Peristeri have evolved into popular destinations for nightlife, while Nikaia and Korydallos are famous for the picturesque seaside taverns.


Some of these neighborhoods are also known for the presence of important archaeological sites and museums. Aspropyrgos bring out the beauty of everyday life as you wander the streets among shopping centers and squares with ample cafés and terraces.

Connect with nature by strolling through the Dimedous Botanical Gardens in Chaidari. Savor a walk at the Antonis Tritsis Environmental Awareness Park in Ilion or the opulent Baroutadiko Park in Aigaleo. Or explore the area’s quaint taverns and charming bars.