Tourkovounia (Turkish Mountains)

Tourkovounia (Turkish Mountains)

The Tourkovounia are a small mountain-range in the Attica basin, northeast of Lycabettus Hill, which is the highest point of the city.

According to one version, their name derived from the camping of the Turkish soldiers, for a long period, during the Ottoman operations of 1456 for the conquest of Athens. At one time, Tourkovounia was called Lycovounia; because this used to be a remote area and very possibly wolves were living there.

The view from the top of the most accessible hill is very revealing: all of Athens is offered to you and depending on your position on the hill (maybe from the well known café on the hill) you will be able to see from the sea to the northern suburbs and from Petroupolis to Mount Ymmittos.

A walk through Attiko Alsos might transfer you mentally outside the city, while the Nunnery of Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elias) gazes the city with devoutness.

Height of the Tourkovounia: 338 m


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