"Typical Greek" Truth or myth?

"Typical Greek" Truth or myth?

When in 1965 the movie "Alexis Zorbas" thrilled cinema audiences, it quickly became one of the most successful movies of all time and the prototype of the "typical Greek" was born. This stereotypical image still exists today, but must be taken with a grain of salt.

Is it true? Does the Greek spend the whole day in a Kafeneion (traditional coffee shop) and philosophize for hours about life? Of course, it is true… and false! For instance, the Kafeneion is still very much alive for the older gentlemen of Greece (the "Papous") especially in the villages and islands of the country.

Greeks prescribed the ideology of "working to live" instead of "living to work". Nowadays, the implementation of technology and telecommunications has somewhat skewed this view. Yet, during the summer months, we see the deeply ingrained instinct of the "Hellinas" to get to the beaches and islands and generally out of the city, as soon and as much as humanly possible. Think of it as something like the seasonal swimming of salmon upstream to procreate. Then you might begin to understand the physical and emotional urge that lays beneath the skin of every Greek on a cellular level.


"Typical Greek" Truth or myth?
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