Vyronos Street

Vyronos Street

Vyronos Street connects Areopagitou Street with Plaka. Although it is only 150 meters long, it is filled with many souvenir shops.

The Lysicrates Monument, at the intersection of Lysicratous and Vyronos Streets, is worthy of admiration (also called the Lantern of Diogenes). The Cultural and Art Center "Thyreos" that was recently opened is another must-see.

If you wish to continue your walk into the interior of Plaka and you are on Vyronos Street, go through Lysicratous Square and will end up on the cobbled street of Kydathinaion and the famous (from all tourist handbooks) taverns, such as Damigos, Bakaliarakia, the liquor store Vrettos, or other cafes around the Filomousos Company Square.


Vyronos Street
Shopping on Vyronos Street

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