War Museum of Greece

War Museum of Greece

The War Museum of Greece, established in 1964, was created in order to collect, protect and exhibit Greek historical military artifacts and memorabilia.

The facility strives to study, document and project the trials and tribulations of the country – spanning its entire history. The museum participates in various activities, including the publication of books, the establishment and maintenance of monuments and memorials and the aid to services and agencies all over Greece.

It houses an expansive amount of war machinery and weapons that were invented and used by men from the prehistoric times until the 20th Century.

The War Museum's Historic Archive includes newspapers, magazines, personal mail and diaries of officers and soldiers, official letters and orders of the day of several units, since the 19th and 20th Century. Its Film Archive includes material in which several military and other events form recent history have been recorded.


War Museum of Greece
Collections of the War Museum


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