Waterfall of Drafi

Waterfall of Drafi

The Attica region has many mountains, canyons, and forests, some rivers and lakes, and, of course, many breathtaking natural beaches, but unfortunately only one waterfall. Therefore, it is even more amazing that it is less than half an hour from the center of Athens and even more beautiful.

Nevertheless, hardly anyone knows it’s there and one could even speak of it as an "insider tip." The Drafi Waterfall (or Penteli Waterfall) near Drafi is only a short five to ten-minute walk from the main street. The waterfall is located at the end of a canyon in the middle of impressive, natural surroundings. There is a small oasis with a six-meter high waterfall which cascades down into a small lake. The lake even glows with emerald colors in good light conditions and, depending on the water level (especially in spring), you can even see two waterfalls and swim in the small clear lake.

The Drafi Waterfall is fed by the Valanaris stream, whose springs are located in the southern Mount Pentelic. A few years ago, during the great forest fire, the trees and bushes in the area were unfortunately damaged. In the meantime, however, the nature of amazing wise men has recovered, and new greenery is flourishing again.

The Drafi Waterfall is a good opportunity for a break or picnic with the family and also a nice tour with children. If you are a good walker, you can also walk into the beautiful canyon.


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Waterfall of Drafi


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