Wedding in combination with Baptism

Wedding in combination with Baptism

The combination of nuptials along with the Christening of the couple's child has become very popular as of late in Greece. Having been witness to such an affair, one feels even more moved by the doubling of love and enthusiasm present.

On a more practical note, this procedure is also done to keep the costs from getting out of control. The Registration of the child's birth certificate will be needed, which must be presented to the Priest of the Church of your parish if you live in Greece. This is issued by the Registry Office of the Municipality where the birth of the child was registered.

Before the Baptism, the parents together with the Priest fill in a form the details of the name to be given to the baby, the religion and the information of the Godfather / Godmother and the parents. In case of nonconformity or of belonging to another religion, but wants to join in the Christening in an Orthodox Church, the following apply: If Catholic or Protestant and was baptized by a Triassic Baptism through the Holy Myrrh or If Protestant and had a Triune Baptism, then they may bless a child properly. If one of the parents or the Godfather / Godmother has a different religion (Muslim, Buddhist, etc.) or is non-religious, they must be baptized Christians prior to the child's ceremony.


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Wedding in combination with Baptism


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