Wedding Jewelry in Athens

Wedding Jewelry in Athens

The most important ring in the life of a couple is the ring of marriage. Since ancient times, the wedding band denoted the formalization of a binding agreement between spouses. In Greece, this ornament is worn on the 4th finger of the right hand after marriage, while those who are engaged wear them on the corresponding fingers of their left hands.

In an Eastern Orthodox Christian ceremony, the wedding rings are exchanged for the purpose of engagement in the presence of a priest who declares the promise that this will result in the "communion of marriage." The ritual, in the sacrament of marriage, provides for the swapping of rings, which have been blessed by the priest on the gospel. This is done while the couple crosses their hands - signifying the expression of both the soul and the body binding as one.

In Greece, in the context of marriage, parents buy for their children jewelry for girls and a watch, or a bracelet or a cross for men. Depending on the financial standing and the family traditions, for the woman, it can be a set of gems, an individual piece of modern jewelry or a pendant passed from generation to generation, etc. Those wishing to participate in the happiness of the newlyweds, other close family members may give either gold coins or lesser valued ornaments.

Most jewelers are able to show you many styles from their showcases or even accept your unique design to make within reasonable costs. Following are some jewelers that we personally researched in Athens and recommend to our readers.



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