When to go to Athens?

When to go to Athens?

Greece is not only a paradise for holidays. It is a truly blessed country nestled under the sun. In Athens – the birthplace of Democracy, the cradle of art, and the core of science – it seems that every day this enormous cultural reservoir is being re-filled.

Athens regularly exhibits mild weather conditions that sometimes make tourists are wonder if summer is here all year round! This is not exactly true, but cooler weather also allows for a variety of activities throughout the "non-popular" months.

For every season, there are good reasons to visit the city. Besides its rich history, famous nightlife, and beaches, there are enormous gastronomic choices offered in abundance from modern and traditional restaurants that cover a spectrum of tastes from the entire planet. At the same time, Athens also constitutes worldwide one of the most important places for theater, hosting thousands of theatrical works with careful representations. Moreover, artistic displays, experimental works, spectacles of multimedia, and concerts of all sorts take place daily in the Greek capital that is recognized, among other things, for the unforgettable nights that it offers its visitors.


If, as it is said, "Time is money," the free time in Athens and the hundreds of choices of exploitation amount to an entire fortune. Having enough time at one's disposal, tourists can further enjoy cinematographic screenings, fashion & beauty events, green spaces, mysterious museums, and other cultural happenings.

Naturally, with the base of operations the capital of Greece, visitors can organize excursions to popular spots, to get in touch with the rural nature such as beaches and forests that have encompassed the city for thousands of years. See it, hear it, learn it. Here, one cannot satisfy themself with continual annual creative activities, so take the time to discover which events are more worthy to plan a visit around and make it happen!


When to go to Athens?
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