Why Get Married in Greece?

Why Get Married in Greece?

Athens and the Greek islands are some of the most desired places for an unforgettable wedding. The sun, sea, history, ancient monuments, hospitality, good food, and much more are constantly attracting couples wanting to wed in Greece.

Lately, there is a wave of considerable numbers of Americans, British, Russians, Chinese, Arabs, Indians, Lebanese and Turks finding the country ideal for exchanging vows.

Those who choose Greek locations for their wedding are mostly young professionals of medium to high economic status, between the ages of 25 to 40, in their first marriage and have utilized a budget of between € 7.000 - € 10.000. In contrast, many Arabs and Russians spend tens of thousands of Euros to have a wedding a la Grec ... explains Greek-Italian Frantseska Tsempeli, along with Belgian Sarah Carpenter, owners of the wedding planning company "The Diamond Rock".

Those who want to create a more private wedding and fly in distinguished friends and family from overseas is a challenge. Weddings of opulence can reach up to € 200.000. The cost is based on the concept, the attendants, the venue and the event or party that follows.


Most wedding ceremonies take place during the summer months, with increasing preference in June. Many of them integrate into the wedding ceremony local customs and traditions. For example, they offer local delicacies or have the wedding in churches accessible only by boat or donkeys. A couple can bring to life even their most extreme wishes. Every case is dependent on the client, their vision, their budget and the organization of the event.

In the eyes of a visitor, the Hellenic landscape, and its whole atmosphere evoke strong emotions and the belief that this is a lifetime experience. To capture this unique moment, couples endeavor to do the best they can to properly organize their arrival in Greece and enjoy every moment of their wedding and their stay. They seek information on websites, ask for help from friends who live in the country or hire a professional wedding organization office.

The international film entertainment industry has also bolstered the idea a magical marriage in Greece. The most popular of these is considered to the motion picture "Mamma Mia" with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan. This is an adaptation of the award-winning Broadway musical based on the songs of the successful group ABBA. The plot: A dream wedding on a beautiful Greek island...


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