Why to go to Athens?

Why to go to Athens?

The founders of Athens would have found it hard to imagine that, some thousands of years ago, a small colony, built around a large boulder in a valley not too far from the sea, would evolve into a city would become a global imperative to visit at some point in one's lifetime.

Admittedly, concrete-loving Athens is not the prettiest of cities, but within the urban sprawl, travelers will find oases of old-style neighborhoods and small parks, ancient sites, and museums packed with some of the most impressive artifacts in the world. Add to that the excellent weather, delightful food, vivid nightlife, and the open-leisured lifestyle for which the Greeks are famous and you have an irresistible mix.

Particular attention should be paid to the historical center of Athens and the variety of stimuli that her visitors are inundated with when roaming the busy hills, monuments, museums, green zones, churches and monasteries, traditional shops, tastes, and iconic streets at the foot of the Acropolis. Athens composes something more than a popular travel and hospitality destination. It is an insurmountable dream and life experience of for millions of people from all over the planet, who wish to stroll around the areas where the founders of modern western culture achieved greatness, as well as simultaneously comprehend the talents and the particularities of modern Greeks - made even easier now with the implementation of the "Grand Walk", a network of pedestrianized streets and bicycle lanes in the center of Athens. Furthermore, Athens is blessed with a long coastline dotted with clear blue beaches just a bus or tram ride away from its center.


More specifically, the reasons to visit Athens lie in the emotions that the city's lifestyle evokes. For example, enjoy a unique shopping & coffee experience in the ultra-elegant downtown neighborhood of Kolonaki. Breathe-in the magical experience of visiting the Acropolis Museum or the Megaron Concert Hall. Imagine delectable dining on a rooftop restaurant under the illuminated Parthenon.

Dance till you drop at the glamorous clubs by the sea or jump on a ferry from one of the biggest ports in the world or a watercraft rental from one of many marinas to get to an island in just a few hours. These, and more, are the authentic adventures of living in Athens, Greece!