The King of the Gods, Zeus was the God of the Sky & Rain and Ruler of Mount Olympus - after having overthrown, Cronus - claiming the kingdom from his brothers Poseidon and Hades. It was well known that Zeus used thunderbolts as his weapon of choice. He used to throw them to anyone who defied him.

The victims were especially the oath breakers as well as the liars or everyone that used to displease him. Zeus was married to goddess Hera but very often had many other love affairs. Hera was more than a victim of Zeus, who was always testing her patience.

Being one of the presiding deities of the universe, he was regarded by the Hellenic people as the god of all natural phenomena in the sky. Therefore, he became considered to be the ruler of the heavens and the earth.


In Greek mythology, Zeus was believed to be the personification of all nature's laws, the commander of the State as well as the father of gods and men. He used to create all natural phenomena such as storms, tempests, darkness, fogs and rain by the sheer use of his shield, the Aegis.

Zeus was so powerful that under his command, thunders would roll, and lightning would flash creating all kinds of wreck ages. Stories say that the skies would open to rejuvenate and replenish the earth with water.

Zeus, as the God of Gods, represented the grand laws of the harmonious and unchanging order of things. He was nature personified, epitomizing the way that the natural and the spiritual world was governed by the god of regulated time.

In stark contrast with what his father Cronus used to represent, Zeus was the god of the changing seasons and the regular succession of the day as well as the night. Cronus in ancient mythology was the definition of absolute time and eternity.

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