Citywide road restrictions today for 7th Authentic Phidippides Run

Athens will undergo street traffic restrictions as of Thursday morning so as to accommodate the marathoners taking part in the 7th Authentic Phidippides Run.

From 06:00 until 09:00, on November 24th, 2022, the right-side lanes on the following streets will be temporarily reserved for participants heading off from the Ancient Agora (Keramikos Museum): Ermou St., Piraeus St., Iera Odos St., Leoforos Athinon Avenue., New Athens-Corinth motorway, Iera Odos at 1st city entry point at Elefsina, Iroon Politechniou St., and Old Athens-Corinth motorway (up to where Attica prefecture borders with Corinthia prefecture).

The 7th Authentic Phidippides Run follows a course of 490 kilometers, from Athens to Sparta and back to Athens, in honor of the ancient Greek namesake runner and messenger, who run from Athens to Sparta to request the assistance of the Lacedaemonians just before the Battle of Marathon at 490 B.C.

More specifically, the route will follow the ancient road from Athens to Elefsina, Megara, Ancient Corinth and then to Ag. Vassileios and Ancient Kleones, to reach Ancient Nemea. Then the course will follow the way to Malandreni, Lyrkeia and Karya, will climb to Artemisio Mountain and then will go to Nestani. It will pass through Tegea to enter the Tripolis-Sparta road and get to the statue of Leonidas in Sparta Stadium.

This will ensure the most faithful route taken by the ancient Pheidippides.

The way back will follow the same course.

The event is created by the Athenian Runners (Athinaioi Dromeis) Athletic & Cultural Club, in close partnership with FAOS Mountaineering Club, and held under the auspices of Attica Region, the Greek National Tourism Organization and the Hellenic Tourism Ministry.



The organizing committee of the 7th Authentic Phidippides Run Athens-Sparta-Athens 490 km, is pleased to announce its commitment on creating a sustainable sports event, which incorporates the three principles of Fair Play, the historical route of Phidippides and the environmental policy and management required to create a sustainable event. The Athletic and Cultural Club Athenian Runners (ATHINAIOI DROMEIS) and FAOS Mountaineering Club in close collaboration with ZOTEN (Sustainable Events) is committed to implement a program that uses the natural resources required for the event in a sustainable manner, reduces any negative environmental impacts caused by the event and manages the waste created during the course of the event.