Filmmaking from Concept to Screen

A 4-day Masterclass from Hollywood’s legendary movie producers Sid Ganis and Nancy Hult Ganis begins today at the Hellenic American Union.
A 4-day Masterclass from Hollywood’s legendary movie producers Sid Ganis and Nancy Hult Ganis begins today at the Hellenic American Union.

An intensive seminar on a film’s producer’s journey with Sid Ganis, former elected President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Nancy Hult Ganis, American TV and film publicist, writer, producer and developer as well as the co-founder and partner of Out of the Blue…Entertainment.

Class 1—Developing the script—Screenwriting/research.

From an original idea, book, article, news item—into a script for the visual medium. This session will show the importance of a story --character development, creating tone and style, locations, —and how important it is to get the script right before reaching out to a director and then actors. The chicken or the egg—when and how to sell the idea or script.

Class 2—Direction of the team—The director steps in.

Pre-production. How the script leads to the director, cinematographer casting agent, actors, production designers, costume designer, and the myriad of talent brought together to bring the story to life.

Class 3—Call to action—The on-set circus and ring masters.

How the film family comes together on sets and locations with each department leading their own team from artists to transportation to locations supervisors lighting, constructions, props, planning but always in coordination with the producer(s) to make sure things run smoothly and on time. Who are all this people?

Class 4—When the shooting stops—Pulling it all together.

The editor, sound mixer, recording artists, special effects begin to come together in the editing process. Today, in the digital world, that can start when the shooting starts but is completed at the end to clean up any problems, insert necessary elements, correct any dialogue defects and complete the musical score. With the finished film, the process of marketing and distribution takes place and all that entails.

Sid Ganis is one of the motion picture industry’s most celebrated and successful executives. His career includes leadership roles at several studios, including Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, Seven Arts and Warner Bros. While at Lucasfilm, he served as Senior Vice President and was responsible for marketing The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and the first 2 installments of the Indiana Jones trilogy. In 1986, Ganis joined Paramount Pictures and eventually became president of the Motion Picture Group, where he helped launch Top Gun and Fatal Attraction. As president, he oversaw the development and production of the worldwide hits Ghost and Forrest Gump, which would go on to become one of Paramount's biggest hits—both financially and critically—of all time. In the late 90s Sid and Nancy established their production company, Out Of The Blue Entertainment , which remains active today from its headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area

About Nancy Hult Ganis

Nancy Hult Ganis co-founded Out of the Blue… Entertainment in 1992 with business partner (and husband) Sid Ganis to produce feature films and television — including the award-winning Akeelah And The Bee for Lionsgate and the ABC series Pan Am.

Current Hult-Ganis-projects in development include: The untitled Virginia Hall project: about the most important and unknown American female spy of WWII; Resistance of the Heart about the only successful protest against the Nazis in Berlin led by non-Jewish women to free their Jewish husbands before they were sent to the death camps; and Clipper, aka The Long Way Home, the true story of a civilian Pan Am crew escaping the Japanese and Nazis by flying the most technologically advance Boeing 314 flying boat around the world through uncharted territory, culminating with a secret mission to save the world; and A Children's Song, the dramatic feature about how the Chinese people provided a safe haven in Shanghai during WWII for more than 20,000 Jewish refugees from Europe.

Nancy began her journalism career in the newsroom of KQED (PBS) in San Francisco before moving to entertainment overseeing such prime-time documentaries such as The Making of "Raiders of the Lost Ark", Marx Brothers in a Nutshell, and The Case of Dashiell Hammett and helped launch the long-running PBS series, Comedy Tonight.

Over the years she has worked as a media consultant with numerous filmmakers—Tom Hanks, Saul Zaentz, Francis Coppola, Steven Spielberg, Phil Kaufman--and politicians, co-producing the opening ceremonies for President Bill Clinton’s Inauguration. She continued to develop and produce programming for PBS including the groundbreaking Straight Talk series on women and men’s health.

Nancy holds a Masters in Journalism and a Bachelor’s in History from the University of California, Berkeley. She served as a Trustee for the UC Berkeley Foundation Board and is currently on the Board of Advisors for UC Berkeley’s (no.1 ranked) Goldman School of Public Policy. She is also a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the Producer’s Guild of America.

She and Sid have four daughters and three grandsons and reside in iin the San Francisco Bay area.

June 23rd - Jun 29th, 2022.



Price: 250€.
No refunds applicable.

Language: English

Seats are limited to 15.

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Venue: Hellenic American Union, 4th floor seminar room
Massalias Street 22
10680 Athens
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