New record for RES - They surpassed fossil fuels in electricity generation during the first ten months of 2022

The share of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in electricity generation, together with hydroelectric energy, reached 47.1% in the first ten months of the year and exceeded the share of fossil fuels (natural gas and lignite) for the first time, according to a Green Tank report based on the data of ADMIE.

Practically almost half of the electricity consumed in the country came from renewable sources, which lays the groundwork for achieving the even more ambitious goals set by the new energy plan under preparation, according to which 80% of electrical energy will come from RES in 2030 while in 2050 Greece is expected to have become climate neutral.

"The energy crisis has de facto accelerated the energy transition. Any attempt to move in the opposite direction is harmful for the citizens and the economy," Green Tank Policy Analyst Nikos Mantzaris pointed out to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) on the occasion of the report.

The high production from RES in October combined with the large reduction in electricity demand in the same month, high gas supply prices and other economic factors led to a large reduction in the energy produced from fossil gas and lignite, the report stated.
In particular, this year's "green" energy was 20,186 gigawatt hours in the first ten months compared to 19,589 produced by the lignite and natural gas units. The share of RES (47.1%) increased by 5 percentage points compared to last year.