Warply: More than 90,000 consumers have used 'household basket' app

Hundreds of thousands of consumers have downloaded and used the mobile app and the website associated with the 'household basket' measure for lower-priced basic consumer goods according to an announcement on Thursday by Warply, the company tasked with developing the relevant software and training supermarkets in its use.

"We are extremely proud of the acceptance of the 'household basket' measure has with consumers, who have added the proposed products to all their baskets, while we also feel the need to thank the development and investment ministry's leadership and the [supermarket] chains for their excellent cooperation," said Warply founder and general director Yiannis Doxaras, who is responsible for the e-katanalotis site and app.

Four weeks into the operation of the measure, he reported a total of 220,000 downloads on the app and 120,000 visits a day to the site, while more than 90,000 consumers had generated their own personal baskets and monitored prices there.

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