Thursday, 18 April 2024

Are you interested in targeted Advertising?

With an unique advertising partnership
you can easily reach...

▶︎ ...a target group which is planning to visit Athens and Greece
in the near future

▶︎ ...visitors who are currently in Athens and Greece

▶︎ English-speaking target group who is living in
Athens and Greece or and those who run it

The target audience of is open-minded,
very active and is interested in the beautiful things
of the city such as

▶︎ ...trendy shopping & lifestyle experiences

▶︎ ...exciting gastronomy & nightlife experiences

▶︎ ...fascinating events, exhibitions & entertainment opportunities


In short: offers a target group
that is willing to spend money
for a nice experience!

Do you think this is an ideal target group to present
your business or service?
Do not hesitate and contact us!

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