Attica Zoological Park

Attica Zoological Park

The Attica Zoological Park is the sole zoo in all of Greece and home to nearly 2000 animals of 400 species. Open 365 days per year and receiving tens of thousands of visitors annually, the 49-acre private facility is a definite must-see for wildlife lovers of all ages!

Established originally as a Bird Park in May of 2000, the Athens Zoo is famous for being the host, amongst others, of one of the largest assortment of birds in the world (3rd in ranking). More specifically, 1100 birds from 300 different species have made their nests here. The kids can get close and personal with these varieties that are farm animals. Most notable are the 3 stunning  walk-in aviaries, created in the mini-forms of Asia, Africa and North America - where guests can stroll and admire the compatible bird fauna and flora.

In April 2001, when the "World of Reptiles" was added to the Attica Zoological Park, constant expansions and additions began including the "Greek Fauna" section, with animals rarely seen in Greece (summer 2002), the "African Savannah" with animals from Africa (February 2003), the monkeys and apes section (June 2003), the completion of the "Big Cats" section and the extension of the African Savannah (December 2004), the "Monkey Forest", where visitors can be in the same enclosure with the monkeys (early 2005), the "Cheetah Land", where 4 Cheetahs are kept in a large enclosure which visitors can cross through a special corridor, the chimpanzees and gibbons section (March 2008) and finally the "Arid Lands" section hosting animals such as camels, Somali wild asses, etc. (April 2008).


Furthermore, in May of 2010, 2 white male rhinos were added to the Park's "Family" and in June 2010, 4 dolphins and 2 California sea lions became members of Attica Zoological Park's family.

Audiences are also offered entertaining scheduled performances, such as the "Birds of Prey Flight", that give many of the animals a chance to strut their stuff and amaze us with their majstesty! Numerous educational activities like the Marine Mammals Programs, guided tours with animal keepers and other hands-on activities take place throughout the day and/or month.

Cafeteria: Providing a spot to sit in the shade in order to enjoy a small refreshment, the cafeteria of the Attica Zoological Park is centrally located and provides a breathtaking view of the African Savannah.

Giftshop: Take a piece of the Attica Zoological Park home with you by purchasing an item from the wide variety of hats, T-shirts and mugs with your favorite animals, as well as badges, pens and stuffed animals. Their newest collection of wooden handmade gifts include piggy banks, magnets, collector kites, wall and floor decorations to choose from.