Demetrius of Phaleron

Demetrius of Phaleron

Demetrius of Phaleron was born in 350 B.C. and was a complex persona due to his achievements as a politician, philosopher, orator and writer. He wrote many works with, poetical, grammatical, political, philosophical and rhetorical content.

He belonged to the anti-Macedonian political party and in 317 B.C., with the support of Cassader, he was elected as the head of the administration of Athens. As such, he created great activity in the areas of economic development and legislature. In 309 B.C. he was exiled from Athens by Demetrius Poliorcetes.

He escaped to Egypt, where he died in 280 B.C., either in prison or by suicide when he came into conflict with Ptolemy Philadelphus.

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