Sounio National Park

Sounio National Park

Sounio is home to the world-renowned archaeological site, the Temple of Poseidon. Its National Park and pine forest has a great significance to the micro-climate of the city.

Founded in 1971, Sounio National Park spreads between the Cape of Sounio and the Port of Lavrio further north, in an area known as Lavreotiki. It extends over 4,000 hectares, with pine forest, caves, silver mines, and places of historical, geological, and paleontological value. More than 260 minerals have been collected in the area. Moreover, plant and animal fossils have been discovered at the north side of the park. There is rich vegetation covered by the Aleppo pine forest and several plant species, while the flora is generally common to the indigenous animals of the area such as foxes and jackals.

Outside of the park’s core there are scattered ancient mining tunnels and galleries, washing plants and tanks, and the gulch of Chaos - believed to be a collapsed ancient cave, which is now a circular sinkhole with steep cliffs that reach 70 meters in height.


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Sounio National Park
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