University of Athens

University of Athens

The University of Athens is the oldest building of the "Athenian Trilogy" (built during 1839 and 1864) and was designed by the Danish architect Christian Hansen, older brother of Theophilus Hansen.

The fact that this is the second building of the Athenian Trilogy on Eleftherios Venizelos Street is the cause of this street's name - Panepistimiou Street.

The University of Athens consists of a group of bodies that form a double T, with two symmetrical yards. The front presents an austere symmetry, with the arcade of rectangular balusters that is emphasized by the projection of an Ionian propylaeo. The bases of the columns and the capitals of the propylaeo are exact replicas of the corresponding elements of the Acropolis Propylaia.


It was planned in accordance with the basic aesthetic rules of early Neo-classicism and at the same time adjusted to the Greek Mediterranean style. The outer statues complete the structure of the front, which is plainly divided in "base", "body" and "crowning".

The murals of the frontage of the neoclassical building were drawn by the Bavarian artist Carl Pal and were painted by the Polish painter Lembienski. In front of the Propylaia are the statues of Kapodistrias (work of Bananos) and Korais (work of Broutos), while the statue of Glagston is work of Vitalis. The construction expenses were undertaken by King Otto, the Sovereign of Serbia and Greeks living in foreign countries.